You can count on Strategic Communication Solutions to be a vested partner with you. We believe how we work with you is as important as what we do.

Strategic, Creative Solutions That Provide Value

Public relations is not a creative process; it is a business planning process that requires creativity.  The crucial role of the communication function demands a high level of attention to ensure your organization’s success. 

As a partner with organizations, from nonprofit organizations to Fortune 500 companies, Strategic Communication Solutions provides strategic, creative solutions to help clients accomplish their business objectives.


Strategic Communication Solutions believes in providing recommendations that will benefit your organization by strategically leveraging marketing, advertising and communication budgets to provide the greatest returns.

The success of Strategic Communication Solutions is measured in part by your organization’s overall success, which means prudent use of your budget is a shared responsibility. In short, Strategic Communication Solutions will not waste your time or money.

industry knowledge

Understanding the intricacies of your organization or industry is an important first step.  Strategic Communication Solutions believes in investing the time to gain a thorough understanding of your organization and the environment in which you operate to effectively and efficiently tackle your business concerns. 

faster turnaround time

Strategic Communication Solutions offers nimble, responsive client-centered service.  Whether it’s the need to navigate and establish a firm foothold in the Hawaii market or to address competitive threats or emerging community issues, timely and accurate communication is essential.  The streamlined operations of Strategic Communication Solutions allow faster turnaround time for projects.


Hands-on, personal involvement in every step of the communication process, from strategy development to execution, helps to maintain quality control over all work products.  This also ensures projects are completed on time and within budget. 

Flexible Network

Strategic Communication Solutions can ramp up as needed with respected high-level communications professionals with proven track records of quality work products and results to accommodate client needs, avoiding the need to pass on ongoing overhead costs to clients.

The payback 

All fees and terms are discussed upfront with clients.  No surprises, no sticker shock, no nonsense. It’s about accountability, transparency, and complete disclosure. The payback: You can effectively manage your budget and cash flow while demonstrating value for your communication investment.